Most frequent questions and answers

Pro Charge is super easy to use. Just follow these instructions:

  1. Attach a refrigerant hose to the threaded 1/4″ valve at the top of the can.
  2. Following the equipment manufacturer’s instructions, connect the other end of the refrigerant hose to the suction side of the equipment.
  3. Turn the can upside down to dispense the liquid and additives in proper proportions.
  4. Recharge the equipment following the manufacturer’s directions and/or standard PT chart for the specified refrigerant.

In order for the sealant to work properly, we recommend using the entire can.

No, if you have good lighting where the leak is, then you can see the dye easily. If it is dark where the leak is, the UV light will make the dye glow brightly and will be easy to spot.

Yes, the sealant is safe for your tools. Our sealant does not react with oxygen or moisture which means it will not begin to react and create a seal until it locates a leak in your system.

A single can of Pro Charge will seal any leak that is 300 microns or smaller.

Pro Charge offers a warranty on any product with manufacturer’s defects such as faulty/leaking Schrader valve, leaking cans, or damaged threads. If the end user of our product causes the pressure relief valve to rupture, we WILL NOT warranty that can. To avoid this situation, please follow all instructions as listed on the can’s label.

It is illegal to refill the Pro Charge can, however, disposal is quick and easy.

  1. Ensure that there is no longer pressure in the can.
  2. Remove the Schrader valve from the 1/4″ threaded hub.
  3. With the valve removed and no pressure remaining in the can, it is now considered scrap metal and can be disposed of accordingly.

The MSDS for all of our products are available to anyone that requests them. Simply go to the Contact Us page and request the data sheets for the products that you are interested in.